A stainless steel, working batarang

August 2012

With The Dark Knight Rises just over, and countless rewatches of Batman Begins and The Dark Knight a regular occurrence, I decided enough was enough…I needed my own batarang!

Carved out of recycled stainless steel, this was my first metal grinding project, and it was immensely fun the entire way. Especially throwing it when it was finished.

"And yes, Mr.Wayne, it does come in black."

The Making Of

After taking apart an old, long abandoned printer, I was left with a great, incredibly strong piece of stainless steel. This didn't last long though, as I quickly found a way to repurpose it with my newly acquainted dremel.

The finished batarang. After much polishing, i was able to give it that iconic, reflective look, with which it'd be a crime if I didn't eventually make another.