Computer Desk

A computer inspired, multifunctional desk

March 2011

For my lower sixth art project, I chose the theme "Computer Aided Design" and decided for the final piece I would create a desk inspired by the many different iconic parts of a computer and the intricate yet sleek computer aesthetic.

I began by cutting the MDF panels that would form the basic box of the desk, and began screwing them together. I created a support panel to keep the legs sturdy and added feet to the legs (designed after ribbon cable locks) to keep them from scratching the floor.

After much sanding, I was able to give the desk it's inspired rounded rectangle look, after which I gave all of the individual parts a good few coats of spray paint. I then painted the inside of the drawer to look like a hard drive, with the drawer box acting as the hard drive caddy on the circuit board table top.

Next I sawed out and sanded the handle for the drawer, giving it a look similar to that of a tiny hard drive handle. Next I painted and crafted the leg support panel, keeping it inline with the technological aesthetic of the rest of the desk. Finally, I began to craft the crazy intricate circuit board centerpiece that would slot in under the frame of the desk.

Finally, I fitted the circuit board centerpiece and installed the LEDs that would light up the perimeter of the desk. I kept a gap under the easily removable centerpiece large enough for any hardware to be installed in the future. The entire desk was designed to look like an opened up tablet computer, which I felt I managed to accomplish pretty well. Especially once the frame was slotted over the centerpiece at the end.