esc    pad

A robust iPad mini case

February 2014

After finally purchasing an iPad (albeit the mini version) it was quickly evident that it would not survive long in it’s thin glass and aluminium form. So i set out to make something that would stop my iPad from becoming just another piece of debris.

And after seeing Alfonso Cuaron’s spectacular Gravity and the many milestones NASA passed in 2013, it was only fitting to create a futuristic and spacey sequel to the phoneBOOK. One that was more technologically infused, than nature.

And once again, it couldn't *just* a cool-looking case. An innovative, easy to clip, multi-orientation stand complete with auto-unlock.

iPad Stand.
Robust Shield.
Space Debris.

Under the hood

With the iPad mini being a lot heavier and bigger than an iPhone, the most important thing i had to address was it’s fragility. So if you’re going to add heavy protection to something, why not do it with style?

Starting with a solid heavy duty card base, I layered the inner fabric and carved the aluminium brackets that i would use to screw the top cover onto. After checking for a snug fit I created the top layer, with a shiny aluminium finish.

The folding mechanism is the highlight of the escapePAD, with a unique slot-based shell that simply folds around and clips into place.