My A2 Technology and Design project

March 2012

For my A2 technology and design project, I wanted to create a smart, multifunctional system that would be all a person needed to side beside their sink. A JARVIS...for the morning.

With an easy to use, personalisable greeting screen and menu system, the oTimer handles everything from storing your toothbrush and toothpaste to timing mouthwashing, to giving you helpful tips and updates when you're getting ready in the morning.

A sleek, multifunctional hygiene assistant

Design was one of main focuses with the oTimer. Getting inspiration from the design of a waterfall, I wanted to create a futuristic and visually appealing product that had a sense of purity in it's design.

After choosing the design i would go with from the CAD drawings of the initial designs I made, I began to CAD the individual parts to test out the product would work together.

I then began to breadboard the extensive circuitry system and give a personality to the product. With the circuitry breadboarded successfully and the PCBs being made alongside it, I was helped by a fantastic school technician in creating the (initially difficult) to manufacture white shell of the product.

After laser cutting each of the face layers of the product, I began adding the circuitry platforms and fitting the insane amount of PICs and circuitry components inside the oTimer.

Here you can see the final stages of the creation process, including the laser cut Stand and lathed aluminium stand legs, as well as the two login keys the user uses to login with.