A multi-functional iPhone Case

November 2012

This little project was something i had been wanting to bring to life for some time as I had the all too common problem of not being able to find the perfect iPhone case.

Taking inspiration from sturdy pocket sketchbooks, which always seemed awesome to me, and a bunch of ancient, worn books i found while exploring the spider-owned areas of our house, I ended up crafting this, the phoneBOOK.

Of course, I didn't want it to be a *just* a cool-looking case. Fully foldable. And a stand!

Phone case.
Apocalyptic Relic.

The Making Of

So here's how i made it;
Like most things I make, it tends to be out of scrap materials laying around.

This was definitely no exception, the main base material was sturdy notepad backing card which I then separated into the 4 main panels of the book. This gave the book articulation which would easily allow the book to be folded the entire way back for single handed use. It also gave it the ability to use as a stand.

Once I had the basic book enclosure crafted, I used an iPhone mould to help me accurately cut the layers of card and paper that encased the phone, to make it perfectly snug when the phone was in it.

Another little thing I incorporated was a (weak) magnet and metal strip so that when the phoneBOOK was closed, it would give a satisfying little magnetic snap. I also created new wooden volume buttons to keep the clicky feedback of those buttons intact.

The last things I had to do was add the velcro opening, for easy, but secure extraction of the phone. Then, with the phoneBOOK basically complete, I added a pocket in the inner cover for notes to be kept, and gave the entire thing a (completely subtle) worn and damaged look with acrylic paints.

16 Months Later...