Robotic Evolution

My lower-sixth Art project

May 2011

For my lower sixth Art project, I wanted to very aptly continue on from my earlier project in the same year, only this time, to focus on how technology was advancing in a not so quantitive way. Robotics has always been a subject best left to Sci-fi, but the recent unveiling of robots from DARPA and Boston Dynamics made my realise just how quickly machines were gaining lifelike aspects. It was after realising this, I thought about how robotics would evolve if they followed their fictional portrayals.

This is my A3 acrylic study of a fictional, humanoid Cylon Centurion robot.

Final Piece

One of my first Oil Paintings, this is my final piece, showing the fictional evolution of robots, from LEGO windstorms robot to fully humanoid Centurion.