A Level art project

December 2011

In the summer of 2011, after many a Neil DeGrasse Tyson video binge and an intense interest into the new market of Elon Musk's SpaceX venture, I felt how I could only imagine a teen in the 1960's felt during the space age. With privatised space travel coming into existence and NASA preparing a rover for Mars, I was excited. So I wanted to dedicate my first upper sixth art project to everything space travel as well as pay my tribute to the great, late Robert McCall and Ralph McQuarrie (Who sadly died while I was completing this project).

My first couple of studies were tributes to two of my favourite spacecraft paintings ever, "21st Century Foss" by Chris Foss and the "2001: A Space Odyssey" poster by Robert McCall. Both painted using acrylic paints, I tried my best to accurately portray these beautiful paintings by those great artists.

Afterwards, I began to carry out a study on the model spaceships I made earlier in the year. Wanting to capture their otherworldly details and grand scale. I delved into minuscule levels of detail for the pen drawing of my Galactica, one of the few studies I have done I wouldn't change if given the chance to repeat it.

The finished pen and pencil studies, on which I decided to add on top of a starry, acrylic painted, deep space background.

With a visit to NASA in February 2012, I decided to inject a bit more of my favourite organisation in the world, NASA, into my project. After some experimental studies of everyone's favourite bounty hunter's ship, I made several studies of the gargantuan Saturn V I witnessed and the soon-retiring Space Shuttle.

After a few compositional studies, I got to work on my biggest painting yet, a space dogfight between two iconic science-fiction ships. Painted with my ever-loyal acrylics, I aimed for a grand and intense framing of this action packed imaginary scene, and wanting to take the theatrics to yet another level, I added super-bright LEDs to give the laser shots and resulting explosion a new exciting life.

The Final Piece