Spaceship Models

With a twist...

July 2011

Preparatory work for my A Level spaceCRAFT project, I decided to make a few model spaceships which I would use to study. After many years of Airfix during my Childhood, I couldn't help but feel I wanted to shake things up a bit, so I decided to make them more than just static models…

Authentic and Exciting

To give the ships an exciting and amazingly lifelike engine effect, I purchased a few sets of Super Bright LEDs which I would use to create a realistic rocket effect.

After installing a replaceable battery compartment within each of the ships, I soldered wires to the LEDs to power them from the front. After which I added a quick PTM switch leaving me with fully functioning engine lights! Once I finished painting the ships and giving them a nice battle-worn coating, I was left with a brilliant and faithful engine light effect.