A real-life portal turret

June 2010

After becoming a massive fan of Portal in exactly the wrong time (My GCSE exams), I set out to bring my favourite sadistic little robot within the game to life. After constructing a rough plan of what I wanted it to do, i quickly set out to get blocks of balsa wood, with which I could use to sculpt into the iconic portal turret shape.

After sawing out the individual pieces from the sculpted balsa wood, I got to work on giving each part it's futuristic gloss white look. Of course, wanting to keep this turret safer than it's in-game cousin, I installed flashing LED guns into it's doors. Once the paint had dried, I soldered together the iconic red LED ring that made up it's eye.

Things were quickly coming together, I created the legs out of pine and attached them to the main body of the turret using multi-cored garden wire. I added the black wire antenna to the top of the turret and then added the support tubes in the center of the turret so i could slide the doors open and closed. Lastly, I added the ultrasonic sensor that was attached to a mindstorms module with a speaker that played the turret's charmingly cruel catchphrases when motion was detected.